Carousel plant for handling

The carousel plant allows the varnishing, the storage, and drying, through overhead conveyor above to the working plane.

This type of system is ideal for painting flat pieces of type:

  • Painted wooden doors
  • Painting flat panels and / or rusticated
  • Painted furniture components disassembled
  • Painting doors
  • Painting profiles
  • Painting parquett
  • Painting panels termopannel


The materials to be coated are placed on the rectangular frames having dimensions on request.

The movement of the frames is done by catenaries and are suitably made to park in the working points (loading / unloading-dusting-coating) and then moved on raised floors delimited and ventilated, necessary for the distension of the paint, and for the drying of the pieces.

Depending on requirements, it is possible to define the areas for painting, pressurizzandole, so as to optimize the coating itself.


Are eliminated traditional carts on wheels to support the painted pieces; are thus eliminated both the time for the manual movements, the space necessary for parking the pieces, and is optimized space in vertically.

The carousel plant lends itself mechanically to be equipped with devices for automatic painting with various capacities depending on the needs of the customer.