Centurion_I Horizontal is a fully automated Cartesian painting robot.
    Machine conceived for the impregnation of beams, doors and windows and wooden profiles in general
  • Horizontal varnishing machine BLURAN 1600
    The coater oscillating BLURAN 1600 is particularly suitable for those who choose to switch from manual painting to automatic painting for its ease of use, reliability, and reduced cost for the investment and management.
  • Carousel plant fot painting
    Systems for automatic handling of artifacts for painting in horizontal of doors, panels, elements of furniture removed, doors, profiles, flooring, paneling termopannel etc.
    These systems can be customized according to customer requirements, and can be implemented with the latest systems of automatic painting, and Retrieval odell'overspray.
  • Pressurized cabin for painting
    The pressurized cabins ensure optimum coating free of dust and odors. Each air is carefully filtered, heated and placed slightly overpressured.
  • Roller painting plant
    Painting equipment, storage and drying via conveyor roller at working height.


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