Centurion_I Horizontal is a fully automated Cartesian painting robot.

This robot is able to varnish profiles, panels, doors and much more guaranteeing a very high quality of painting of the worktop and the edge of the workable pieces.



During the movement, a scanner reading system detects the positioning and the geometry of the parts to be painted.

The acquired data are processed for generate the trajectories that will be done by the robot.

The painting methodology carried out by the Robot mod. Centurion_I Horizontal can be customized and can include:

  • painting of the external edge following the shape with 1 or 2 guns
  • painting of the internal edge following the shape with 1 gun
  • Painting of the front edge which can be carried out:
  • following the shape with 1 gun
  • following a "sine curve" with one or more crossed transition with 2, 4 or 5 guns.

Once the painting is finished, the pieces are moved and the cycle can be repeated.

Centurion_I Horizontal has slides and handling engines on the side of the pieces to be painted and not above. This minimizes the possibility of falling dust on the pieces themselves.


Thanks the 4 degrees of freedom ("x", "y", "z" and "r" axes) and to the guns-holder arm equipped with 5 guns it is possible to follow the shape of the pieces optimizing time and quality, and obtaining a perfect homogeneity of painting.

According to the type of parts to be painted, it is possible to customize the painting methodology in order to obtain perfect uniformity and painting quality.

Thanks the possibility to adjust the guns support along the "z" axis, it is possible to set the height of the painting guns, and so it's possible to paint elements with different thicknesses.


Thanks the combination of our robot plus our painting systems with trays it is possible to rotate immediately and automatically the door after the painting of the first side, obtaining a lot of advantages.


Centurion_I_O is 4.0. thanks to complete automation and interconnection with company departments.

In fact, it is possible to set and check times/productivity thanks to our innovative software.

Remote connection is available for diagnosis and customer assistance.

The system is equipped with Web-Cam in order to control all painting operations.