The coater oscillating BLURAN 1600 is particularly suitable for those who choose to switch from manual painting to automatic painting for its ease of use, reliability, and reduced cost for the investment and management.

BLURAN 1600 is suitable for any type of spray paint, water-based or solvent, and is ideal for un'aziende who wants to experience all the benefits of spraying:

  • productivity increase
  • saving paints
  • constant quality of the coated products

The coater oscillating BLURAN 1600 is the machine that combines the ability to paint over a true width of 1,600 mm, the best value for money.

The production speed can vary from 0.5 to 6 m / min, thus giving at the same time broad flexibility of use, and the possibility of obtaining a much higher productivity compared to manual application in the cabin.

The reading system for incoming pieces allows to optimize the spraying, thereby reducing the waste of paint.

The transport system can be made according to customer requirements: carpet disposable paper, carpet full of self-cleaning and recovery of the overspray, and the innovative system of transport tube coated non-stick material for those who use paints that can not be recovered, and wants to reduce the operating costs by eliminating the cost of the replacement of the carpet paper.

Moreover BLURAN 1600 is designed to verniciarte wood, glass, plastic, and aluminum!