Horizontal Flow-Coater, mod. GUT PRO

Machine conceived for the impregnation of beams, doors and windows and wooden profiles in general, equipped with high pressure blowing station for the distention of the impregnating agent.

The horizontal flow-coater is equipped with specific spray and blowing stations, in chambers that are conveniently separated. All the working areas where the impregnating agent is sprayed or blown are made of non-stick plastic material; this allows to speed the cleaning and the colour changes very easily and quickly.


  • The spray and blowing booths are made of non-stick plastic material. This allows easy and quick cleaning stages of the machine.
  • Easy and intuitive control panel, functional for the automatic setting of: speed, dimensions, flow-coating cycles, cleaning cycles and so on.
  • Simple and quick loading and unloading of the impregnating agent thanks to the easily accessible pump system.
  • Equipped with a comfortable underwater tube for the collecting and draining of the product.
  • Possibility of coating various different batches in a very short time
  • Quick colour changes
  • Thanks to the very close pitch of the motorized rollers, it is possible to coat also elements of small dimensions.
  • Automatic cleaning system for spray and blowing booths.
  • All the flow-coater areas are easily accessible for the cleaning.
  • Automatic laser reading system of the pieces size and automatic setting of the air knives.
  • The air knives, made of non-stick plastic material, get ready automatically for the copy position.
  • Quick drying step thanks to the high warmed up ventilation of the blowing booths.
  • Longer life cycle of the machine and reduced maintenance in comparison to the traditional machines on the market.