Automatic painting with anthropomorphic Robot

It’s possible to eliminate the human painting with the anthropomorphic robot with a single spray gun for painting windows and door frames furnished by Vidali Finishing. Installation composed of No.1 anthropomorphic robot COMAU with a spray gun provided with movements and inclinations variable onto 6 axes, slaved by a reading system with vertical bars scanner having high discrimination capability. Such reading system detects the shape of parts hung on to the conveyor system and through a software installed in a PC controls autonomously the gun spraying by painting the hung parts.

The machine is furnished autonomous for reading and painting several shapes, including rectangular wings, jalousies, window shutters, doors, arc shaped window and door frames and disassembled window and door frames. The spray gun movement is provided by an automatic shape self-learning program. The productivity per hour is higher than the human one, in that the times needed by the operator for rising to reach the upper portions of the hung parts and for descending therefrom are eliminated.

By utilizing at the greatest the plant useful height, the plant productive capacity increases. Our goal is to provide the best finiture suited for you.