GIVI 3000

Revolutionary “GIVI3000” painting system for windows and door frames with complete recovering of overspray. Patented model!



  • Recovering of painting overspray higher than 95%.
  • Replacement of the filters in a comfortable cabinet at the men’s height.
  • Comfortable access to the spraying guns.
  • Working environment free of overspray.
  • Automatic colour changing in few minutes.
  • Automatic washing system.
  • Automatic operated system insertable in any aerial plant. 


Different aspects of the product :

1. The automatic painting points with traditional paint recovering have as handling system of spraying guns (up and down) the reciprocator.
The reciprocator is a machinery generally of rectangular section provided with an arm for coupling the spraying guns.
For the daily maintenance of the spraying guns the operator is forced to turn around the reciprocator by trampling the paint, which has been deposited on the ground. 
If we think to companies which are painting for 8 hours in one shift and maybe in more shifts, we can find on the ground some centimetres of paint, which make the maintenance operations very difficult and on a surely dangerous environment.
As paint recovering system they have either one “right or circular” recovering belt or a “right” cold wall, however always two distinct machineries. This Givi 3000 machine is an innovative unit composed of a combination of spraying system, paint recovering and suction systems, all housed in a closed machinery. Instead of the reciprocator, it is composed of two separate up and down elevator systems, spaced apart from each other about 3000 mm, and the spraying guns carrying arm is connected at the ends of the two machineries, under elimination of the central encumbrance space.
For the ordinary maintenance of the spraying guns the operator should open only a sliding main door and will have immediately access to the spraying guns, while remaining out of the environment dedicated to the painting step.

2. The traditional paint recovering system does not allow to collect automatically the paint being deposited onto the ground in front of the reciprocator and the suction systems. Givi 3000 allows the complete paint recovery, in that it offers the possibility to collect frontally and onto the ground the paint in an automatic manner on the entire environment devoted to the painting operation, thanks to a “L” shaped rotating belt and to the elimination of the central encumbrance space which was created by the reciprocator. 

3. The traditional systems arrange the suction systems sidewise the various recovery systems, and this fact creates an air flow from the spraying guns, which generates the overspray on the suction systems, so as all the amount of the not utilized paint isn’t recovered, with consequent paint deposits below the same suction systems.
Such paint deposits make difficult the filters replacement operations. The filters are installed in the vertical direction on the entire suction system, which normally has a 1000 mm width and a height variable from 3500 to 5000 mm. 
During the steps for replacing the filters, for reaching these heights the operator must avail himself of a ladder, and the operation of removal of a filter filled up with paint while standing on a ladder is almost dangerous and needs some time.
The suction system of the Givi3000 isn’t situated sidewise the rotating recovery system, but it is situated above the air intake and is provided by some openings on the lower part of the spraying guns displacement system and by the slits permitting the inlet and outlet of the parts. This fact creates an air flow from below upwards by conveying the overspray toward the centre of the recovery system, with consequent considerable increase of the percentage of the recovered paint.
The filtering system isn’t installed directly on the upper part where the suction system is positioned, but the air is deviated toward the ground through an inclined filter supporting system. This fact allows to have the identical filtering surface of the traditional systems, but in this case the filter replacement is effected easily by staying onto the ground and opening a door, then by extracting the filled up filters and re-introducing the cleaned filters. Synthetically, the Givi 3000 is a complete and compact machine, fully closed for taking care of the operator, and has a low energy consumption and a full paint recovery for taking care of the environment. It is a revolutionary automatic painting system for wood windows and door frames. Our goal is to provide the best finiture suited for you.